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Hit-O-Meter Added 6-15-2009

Lemon Studio Monrovia is a full service recording and rehearsal studio.

Nestled in the foothills of Monrovia.

Located just one block from Old Town.

Lemon is not some funky converted garage as many in the neighborhood are.

We were designed and built from the gound up as a professional recording and rehearsal studio. 

Lemon Studio Runs 22 Track Nuendo VS 8 Digital Recording Software

Lemon Studio Also Has Magnetic Tape
For Those Of You Who Want That Smooth Sweet Sound
That Only Analog Tape Can Give You

After over 51 years of professional sound reinforcement
For concerts and other Special Events,
Richard L. Young AKA The Wizzard
 Has finally brought his skills and ears to the recording industry.

Early live recording sessions, as far back as 1966, were done "bare bones" and

recorded to simple two track 1/4 track reel to reel machines.

Many groups said those early recordings were comparable to actual "Live Remotes" done by much larger facilities, and recorded on multi track machines and later mixed down in a studio.

Our early Live To Two Track recordings were made right off the back of the FOH board.

The early thought was to only use those recordings as a self critique of mixing skills.

However many times some of those early live recordings

Were used as "Demo Tapes" for various bands. 

When your band comes into Lemon Studio Monrovia,

You will get the Golden Glove treatment.

We know how finicky some bands and musicians can be.

After all, I am a musician and singer too so I know that I can be finiky too about I want and need. 

All backline is provided for free. Please see our Backline page for details.

As many microphones and headphones as you need are available for both rehearsing and recording. 

Rehearsals can be done through headphones or as many as five floor monitor wedges,

And one pole mounted monitor speaker at the Hammond C3 position