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Hit-O-Meter Added 4/9/2015

Everything you always wanted to know,
and learn how to do, is taught by The Wizzard.

This will include simple things
like repairing or building mic and patch cables.

This type of work you do will be paid in cash.

Or you can trade your time for rehearsal or recording time

for you and / or your band 

Fill Out The Job Application Form Below.

Then Click The BLUE Submit Button.

Clear Each Line Before Filling It In.

To Clear A Line, Simply Put Your Cursor In The Line And Click CNTL A To Highlight The Box.

Then Click DEL To Clear The Box

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After Clicking The Blue Submit Button, Please Click The Done Button At the Top Left

Please Note:
Training is NOT Paid Unless We Are On A Job!
If We Are On A Job, Then Training Is Paid!

This "PAID TRAINING" Can Be Either A Rehearsal

Setup And Strike,

For yourself or your band. 

Or a Recording And / Or Mixdown Session

Or actual dollars.
This will be a percentage of what my client
pays for the use of Lemon Studio

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