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On This Page I Will Post Questions And Answers
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Question: If I change my 6L6 output tubes on my guitar amp to
KT88 tubes will my amp have more power?

ANSWER:  No! A KT88 tube is like a 6L6 on steroids!

You can swap in a KT88 in place of a 6L6 tube but not the other way around.

For example many Fender amps run 6L6 output tubes.

You can directly replace the 6L6 tubes with KT88 tubes. 

On the oposite side of the rainbow, an Ampeg SVT amp comes stock with

six 6550 output tubes. Basically the same as a KT88.

BUT You can not swap out your 6550 or KT88 tubes for 6L6's. 

KT88's and 6550's can, and often do, run higher plate voltages than the 6L6 tubes to obtain more RMS wattage to the speakers.

They were designed to run at higher voltages.

As always; replace your output tubes in pairs and hopefully with MATCHED PAIRS. 

!! Soon a new Web Site for Laurence Amplifiers will be created and linked here !!
Any Questions, Answers, and Information will be moved to the new site !! 

Laurence Amplifiers is the musical instrument amplifier division of Wizzardinc.
Laurence Amplifiers has been in "mothballs" so to speak since about 1985.
Once Laurence Amplifiers is resurected,
We will service, modify, design and build custom tube musical instrument amplifiers.
This service was offered as far back as 1964 but was "mothballed" for many years due to time constraints.
Only a select few clients were served! 

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