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Hit-O-Meter Added 9-28-2014

Odds & Ends

Audio and musical instrument amplifier discussion

(1)   Did You Know That The Sound System For Woodstock Was Only A Two Way System?

(2) The famous Woodstock "Bins" are still in use today!!

(3) After Woodstock, the "Bins" were transported across country,

& powered the low end for the Rolling Stones free concert at Altamont

(4) Woodstock was powered by 48 Crown DC300 Power Amplifiers!

Running in bridged mono mode at a 2 OHM load!

They were housed in a semi refrigerated truck as

The early Crown amps didn't have forced air cooling!

The fuse holders had been strapped with #10 buss bar 

(5) One of the sound systems that The Grateful Dead traveled with
was running unpainted front loaded plywood boxes for the JBL 15's
with a row of multi-cellular Altec horns across the top!
This was another simple two way system!
The system was powered by MacIntosh tube power amplifiers 
And Altec tube driven mixers 

(6)Tycobrahe was a Southern California based sound company.
They built their own power amps and five way active crossovers!
The power amps were a version of the Tiger amplifier
that was published in 1968 Popular Electronics and designed by Forrest Mims the III.
The original Tiger was only 100 Watts RMS into an 8 OHM load. 
By cascading more 2N3055 ouput transistors and
.1 Ohm emitter resistors the power could be increased. 
They were famous for thier use of JBL slant lens horn dispersion midrange drivers.
Most had dual entry throats and dual JBL drivers!
The low end was handeled by JBL 4560 & 4550 bass bins
The dual 15" 4550 was useable down to 30 Hz! 
Tycobrahe did most of the dance / concerts at The Shrine in Downtown LA.
They also did The Rose Palace in Pasadena when The Shrine was closed. 

(7)  In 1968 Wizzard Light Show was tasked by the band

"Fire And Water" to provide a sound system at

Under The Ice House in Glendale California.

This was in addition to the 360 degree light show by The Wizzard. 

The system consisted of four Altec A-7 "Voice of the Theater" cabinets.

Running Altec 807 midrange drivers & multi cellular horns. 

The system was powered by four Altec 1569 A 80 Watt tube amplifiers. 

Mix was via three daisy chained Altec tube driven 5 channel mixers.

The three Altec mixers had NO EQ!! They ran flat out and sounded incredible!!