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Hit-O-Meter Added 10-17-2010

Pictures Coming Soon

Lemon Studio runs a Mackie SR 32/4 Console for recording and rehearsals.
We have just recently added a TEAC 2340 Four Track Simul-Sync Reel to Reel
Recording and Playback deck. It holds 7" Reels and runs at 3 3/4 IPS and 7 1/2 IPS

Another sweet piece of anlog recording equipment, just added,

Is a very clean, low mileage TEAC 3340 The 3340 holds 10 1/2" reels.

It too is a Four Track Simul-Sync Recording & Playback reel to reel machine.

The 3340 Runs at 7 1/2 IPS & 15 IPS

The 3340 has better fidelity than it's little brother the 2340.

We now have a matched Pair of Aphex 107 Tube Mic Preamps

For the famous "Warmth" for Vocals & Instruments

The Wizzard is busy at the bench designing and building a spring reverb system.

This new system can be used on Vocals or Instruments.

It will be Tube Driven 

This should be completed by the end of August.

Several more new pieces of gear will be introduced soon.